One word after another…

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I’ve hit one of those points in my WIP when I’m stuck and a bit bored and it seems suddenly pointless and ridiculous, and all I want to do is read good books instead (books which are brilliant and clever and imaginative and, above all, not in crappy first draft stage like my stupid book).

The frustrating thing is that I hit this point (several times times) in every book I’ve written and I can’t seem to avoid it.

The positive thing is that, having been here many times, I know the drill. I know it’s normal (for me, at least). And I know that if I force myself to keep writing one word after another I’ll get through it and the writing will get easier…

Until the next time.

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3 responses to “One word after another…”

  1. Aimee Avatar

    Checking in. I’ve not had a particularly successful week either, similar position too. I’ve never had a second draft of so many words before, and it’s taken quite a bit of shifting around too, and am currently at the “there’s no point, it’s boring, it’s rubbish, I HATE IT” stage.

    So today I am knuckling down and DOING IT!

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Oh, Aimee, I feel your pain. Truly. Second drafts are really hard. Plus, it’s harder to see forward progress because they involve messing the book up before making it better… Well done for working on it and lots and lots of luck for this week.

      1. aimeehorton Avatar

        Ahh thanks Mrs, it’s good to know I’m not alone! Good luck to both of us! x