Writing Challenge Check In: Week 2

keep_goingHello my lovelies, I hope your week was word-filled and wonderful!

Okay. I’ll level with you all. Mine was… Fine. Not brilliant, but not bad. I got 3322 new words down (which doesn’t include the words I wrote and then deleted when I realised they were very wrong).

I got stuck.

I’m still a bit stuck, to be honest, so today I’m going to write ‘around the problem’. I’m stuck because I have decisions to make and I’m resisting making them because they feel final and scary (which, of course, is nonsense), so I’m going to force myself to write practice scenes, stuff that isn’t intended to be in the book at all. And I’m going to write about the story in my novel journal.

And, hopefully, that’ll help. I’ll let you know next week!

So. How how about you guys?