Writing Challenge Check in: Week 1

aqua typewriterSo. The first week of my eight week writing challenge (also known as ‘Work My Arse Off Before Christmas’) has passed. How did you guys do?

I had a mixed week… I didn’t write at all on two of the seven days and only managed 300 words on Wednesday and Thursday, which left me frantically working on the weekend to catch up a little.

To hit my goal of 40,000 words, I need 5000 per week, and this week I got just 3071.

It was a wobbly week for various personal reasons, though, so I’m fairly pleased with that total. I’m reminding myself that all progress is good progress. I mean, even if I only ever wrote 300 words per day,  I’d still complete a book every year.



2 responses to “Writing Challenge Check in: Week 1”

  1. aimeehorton Avatar

    Well done! Sounds like you’ve made a good start all things considering!

    As of last night I had my plot tightened up, and am just over 7.5k words into my new draft. Most importantly after feeling demotivated and all that malarky, I feel a bit more confident with the flow again!

    See you next week!

  2. Sarah Avatar

    That is amazing progress – well done! Good luck for this week!