The garden office project: A new contender

I’m the kind of person who does three hours of research before buying a mop, so it’s no surprise that I’ve looked at a lot of garden office companies. A lot.

All of this research has clarified a couple of things: I can buy a timber building (with insulation) and put it up myself and spend around four thousand pounds. Or, I can spend between seven and ten thousand pounds and get something that comes with a decent warranty, has a long-life (maintenance-free) exterior, is installed by the professionals and is fully wired and ready to go.

In the second category (let’s be honest, that’s the option I’m going for), I found a new contender. While I still like the outside appearance of the Henley, the inside felt a little bit ‘officey’. Yes, I know; I want an office, but primarily it’s a writing space. In an ideal world, I’d like a slightly more ‘arty’ vibe.

So, I did a bit more research and, courtesy of Nicola Morgan (of Help! I Need A Publisher! fame), I stumbled upon Booth’s Garden Studios. Here’s their pod model:

I like it.

I like the big windows and the fact that I’ll get more space for my cash.

I also like their website which is informative and friendly. (I know I won’t be working in their website so it’s not particularly relevant but credit where it’s due and all that…)

I need to go and have a look at one before I plump, but I’m very excited; a decision is imminent!


7 responses to “The garden office project: A new contender”

  1. Fay Avatar

    I really hope that you are enjoying The Book Thief. I keep on looking out for more of his work but haven’t yet come across any.

    I like the new office contender…


    1. Sarah Avatar

      I certainly am. I’m rationing the last pages because I don’t want it to end… Thanks re. the office. It’s a tricky decision but I’m very excited, too. I know that whichever I go for I’m going to be delighted to have my own little space. xx

  2. cabinslog Avatar

    Very Nice Timber building…I hope it provides the real comfort and style when you work at home.

  3. Alistair Hughes Avatar

    Wow, that looks really interesting. Not too bad price, made all the more interesting by the suggestion in the FAQ that you can claim the tax back as a business. Great HQ for Hugawookie!

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Thanks, Alistair. I’ve had a few folk recommend the company and I’ve been very impressed with my dealings with them so far.

  4. Matthew Dashper-Hughes Avatar
    Matthew Dashper-Hughes

    Not Matthew – but Fay here. I will post you up a few magazine pages of different outdoor office/ garden building options that I found. They may not be of use for an actual model but it could provide you with a few more websites to look at.


    1. Sarah Avatar

      Thanks, Fay; I always welcome more websites to browse! xx