Weekend round-up: Fun and Geekery

Good morning! Hope you all had a spiffing Bank Holiday Weekend. Since we’re all back to work, I thought I’d distract you with tales of my weekend. I know, I’m too kind…

On Saturday, I headed to Dundee with my daughter to visit the Funk Fair. It was stuffed with vintage and retro pretties but we were very restrained. Okay, some hair slides by Love From Alice jumped into my bag, but they were impossible to resist I tell you. Impossible!

Next, we headed into H&M to get jeans for my girl. She had her first ever ‘trying things on in the shop’ experience which, thankfully, was a pleasant one. Then we stroked the nail polishes in Boots and the stationery in Paperchase and listened to Kasabian loudly in the car on the way home. Having an ‘Oh My Gosh; Eleven Years Old’ daughter isn’t so bad when she is Made Of Awesome.

On Sunday, I got my geek on. We took a family trip to our local cinema to see this:

Joss Whedon is one of my favourite writer/directors and I’d heard good things (thank you Matthew and Alistair!) about this film, so hopes were high. In short, we all loved it. Lots of thrills, in-jokes, cool moments and, above all, laughs. It might be a big-budget commercially-minded film, but it definitely has the Whedon magic.

Plus, yanno, this:

Oh, hullo Thor. I like your… hammer.

On Monday, my lovely parents had the children so that I could write. I’m in first zero draft mode on a new project that I’m super-excited about, so it was brilliant to have a few clear hours to work on it. I also edited a short story and wrote a couple of blog posts, so yay me.

How about you guys?