The Writewell Academy

As I’ve probably mentioned a few hundred times, I’m fan of Jenny Crusie. Her books are my go-to comfort reads; fabulous characters, sparkling dialogue, warm romance and lots of funny. Crusie creates worlds I want to return to time and time again. Hell, I’d live in one of her books if I could.

You may also remember that I won a place on Lani Diane Rich’s Storywonk course last year. It was fantastic; Lani is a brilliant and inspiring teacher and I learned so much about plot structure and how to revise a manuscript.

What is this leading up to? Lani and Jenny have launched an online writing school called The Writewell Academy.

The lectures are split into three levels of complexity. The level one lectures are aimed at helping you to write a first draft and a lecture ‘package’ costs just ten dollars (about six quid). Bargain.

For more information, you can view the free introductory video here.