My Weekend: Puppets, Zombies and Lemon Drizzle Cake

On Saturday the sun was shining and my husband was off gallivanting (climbing a hill) and my favourite daughter was home from her school trip so I donned an apron (yes, really) and did a passable impression of a domestic goddess. I baked flapjacks and lemon drizzle cake, I cleaned and tidied, I hung laundry on the line to dry and I sewed a couple of cushion covers. My mum came round for lunch and board games were played. It was a properly domestic, cosy and delightful day.

In the evening, just to balance things out, we watched Zombieland. I loved it. Woody Harrelson is a very funny man. I will warn you, however, that the first twenty minutes or so  are pretty disgusting. I was starting to worry that it was all going to be a bit too graphic for my delicate sensibilities but I was already through the ‘worst’. Either that, or I just got used to close up shots of zombies spewing blood. Whatever.

It was Mother’s Day in the UK yesterday and I was awoken by my children bearing gifts. Green & Black’s chocolate, a beaded bracelet, homemade cards and… Mummy Puppet. My son made me in puppet form and I couldn’t be happier. I now have a partner in crime and someone to blame when things Go Wrong (“Mummy Puppet did it!”). Plus, as I pointed out to my bemused husband, I will now win any discussion that we put to the vote: Husband = 1 vote, Me = 1 vote, Mummy Puppet = 1 vote. Score.

My daughter tried to rename Mummy Puppet ‘Muppet’, but was vociferously overruled by my son. And, oddly, by Mummy Puppet herself. She’s actually quite strong-minded and, rather creepily, she sounds like Mr Punch. Hmm. She’s looking at me now. Staring, really. With… Intensity. Hold on, while I turn her to face the wall… That’s better.


2 responses to “My Weekend: Puppets, Zombies and Lemon Drizzle Cake”

  1. Matthew Avatar

    Zombieland is all kinds of amusing. You should read ‘World War Z’ by Max Brooks. That’s also very funny and cool, and Zombieland owes a lot to it.

    Strangely they’re actually filming World War Z right now with Brad Pitt in a leading role (although that must mean that it’s totally different to the book, because the book is a series of ‘interviews’ with survivors from the war of humankind against zombies).

  2. Sarah Avatar

    Thanks for the tip, Matthew! I’ve put it on my wish-list…