Faber and Faber/Stylist Crime Fiction Competition 2012

Look! I’m telling you about a writing competition in plenty of time for you to actually write something and enter. Go me!

Does this signify a new and exciting period in which I become super-professional, productive and timely? Unlikely. My advice is to enjoy this brief moment of efficiency and expect the return of my usual, slap-dash service in the imminent future.

So. The competition. Any kind of crime novel is acceptable (cosy, thriller, psychological, police procedural) but it must have a female protagonist.

To enter, you need a short outline and bio of your main character, plus the first 6000 words of the book. The deadline is 12 July.

First prize is a publishing contract with Faber and Faber (with an advance of £5000). One runner-up will receive a place on the writing course of their choice at Faber Academy, worth up to £1750.

Full details here.