Quick! Look at the sidebar!

Quick! Look at the sidebar! Notice anything? Something about the word-count thingy-ma-jig?

Yes, wise and sharp-eyed one; you are correct. It is complete. It is done. Fini.

In truth, the word count is closer to 90,000 and I still need to print it out and do a final copy edit, but in essence, the thingy-ma-jig does not lie.

The picture above is a hint as to how I will celebrate this momentous event. Although I will not be wearing a spiffy yellow frock. Probably.

I will also be snuggling/reading/doing jigsaws with a poorly boy who is home from school. Hope you all have a super Wednesday!


12 responses to “Quick! Look at the sidebar!”

  1. Luisa Plaja Avatar


  2. Anstey Avatar

    Whoop Whoop! Great!!!!!! x

  3. Sarah Avatar

    Thank you, Luisa and Anstey! I’m drinking tea and reading The Hunger Games. Hurrah! x

  4. Alistair Hughes Avatar

    Well done! Just in time for NaNoWriMo!

  5. Sarah Avatar

    Thanks, Alistair! *Hollow laughter*

  6. kathryn73 Avatar

    Yay!!! Go team Painter!! xx

  7. Sarah Avatar

    Thank you, Kathryn! x

  8. Matthew Dashper-Hughes Avatar
    Matthew Dashper-Hughes

    Hoorah and huzzah! Pip, pip, jolly good, tally ho et cetera…

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Thanks, Matthew! Tally ho, indeed…

  9. Fay Dashper-Hughes Avatar
    Fay Dashper-Hughes

    Well done you. On time, under budget and over word count – you must of originally had the surname Hughes!

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Thank you, Fay! I’m planning to celebrate with some (a bucket of) wine tonight… Does that also sound familiar?! xx

      1. Alistair Hughes Avatar

        Not sure Fay’s definition of the hallmarks of a Hughes -on time, under budget- fits my own. Some form of divergent evolution in the name, perhaps. I shall discuss this with Matthew when I arrive late tomorrow for a weekend trip where I will doubtless spend more than I planned.

        The ability to imbibe a bucket of wine sounds spot on though!