TV: Going Postal

I think I knew about this but (somehow) forgot all about it… Which is odd considering Going Postal is one of my favourite Pratchett books and it has perfect casting with Richard Coyle* as Moist and Charles Dance as Vetinari, plus, you know, David Suchet and Tamsin Greig.

I think it’s probably because it was on Sky (and I don’t get Sky) but it’s now available on DVD – hurrah! So, has anybody seen it? Should I add it to my wish list?


3 responses to “TV: Going Postal”

  1. Keris Avatar

    I’ve never read any Pratchett (I know…) but after I saw the trailer for this, I asked about it on Twitter and was assured that it’s WONDERFUL.

  2. Sarah Avatar

    Thanks, Keris! Yay! x

  3. =Tamar Avatar

    Saw it – it’s worth every penny.