In which I am a winner

The wonderful Lucy March is running a six-week manuscript revision workshop this summer.

As much as I coveted the workshop, as much as I knew it was perfect timing (why yes, I do have a completed manuscript that I’m trying to wrestle into shape at This Very Moment), and as much as I wanted to invest in my writing in order to learn and  move forward… I also knew that I had just scaled back my work commitments in order to spend the next six months giving my writing my ‘very best shot’ and, wonderful though this opportunity is, it comes with a side-order of poverty.
Well, I’m a logical kind-of-gal, but today I feel as if the universe is giving that decision the nod, because I heard that I won a place on the Storywonk Revision Workshop.

That’s right, people: today I am made of win!
Am excited. You may be able to tell… Thank you Lucy March!

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