Chasing the shiny

I just read a fabulous blog post by Jennifer Crusie that has made me feel a great deal better about my scatter-brained, continually distracted work ‘method’.

She describes cognitive disinhibition and how the inability to ‘stay on topic’ and the tendency to get distracted by – and the inclination to search out –  shiny things floating past in the periphery of our lives, aren’t a hinderance to creativity but an essential part of it.

As she (rather brilliantly) puts it: “Everything’s invited to the party in your head, so some pretty amazing things stagger out at the end of the night.”

[Fab Firefly picture is from CrunchGear. The reason for its use on this post?  ‘Shiny’ is used as slang by the characters in Firefly. Flimsy? Yes. Do I care? No.]