COMING SOON! The Silver Mark: Crow Investigations Book Two

The second instalment of my urban fantasy mystery series, Crow Investigations, is out this month. Meep!

I’m thrilled with the cover and hope you like it, too…

The Silver Mark book cover

London is Lydia Crow’s city so when a man is found hanged under Blackfriars Bridge, she takes it personally.

Driven by her desire to improve her fledgling P.I. skills and an innate sense of justice, Lydia investigates. Even when it seems as if the Silver Family might be involved, Lydia refuses to back down.

The Silver Family, who run the finest law firm in London, have a gift for persuasion. In the Bad Old Days it was said they could make a man jump off a roof by convincing him he could fly. But that’s all in the past… Isn’t it?

Everybody wants something from Lydia: Her Uncle Charlie wants her to join the infamous Family Business, her ghostly flatmate wants her to test her power, DCI Fleet wants a relationship, and the Silver Family want her to keep her nose out.

Trouble is, Lydia has never been much good at taking orders. And London in a heatwave is a dangerous place to be… 


As you may have noticed, I’m not excellent at updating this news page…

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2 responses to “COMING SOON! The Silver Mark: Crow Investigations Book Two”

  1. Kim Crawford Avatar
    Kim Crawford

    Oooooh so excited , can’t wait xx

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Thank you, Kim… Me, too! x