Five Weeks And Counting…

Box of dreams

Do you remember the bit in Back To The Future when George McFly receives a box full of copies of his latest book from his publisher? Well, I’ve dreamed of that moment since I first saw the film, and last week it actually happened! Meep!

I will apologise right now, but this blog (and some of my social media) is going to be heavy on the meeping. It is five weeks until In The Light of What We See hits the shelves and I am so excited I may just burst.

Excited, too? Thank you! You can pre-order it here, add it to your bookshelf on GoodReads or sign-up for my newsletter for the chance to win some celebratory book swag.

Su Blackwell
Paper sculpture by Su Blackwell.

In other news, I have been drooling over Su Blackwell’s beautiful book sculptures (again!).

She has a book out with beautiful photographs of her work, but I would love to see the real things. One day!




3 responses to “Five Weeks And Counting…”

  1. judy Avatar

    Awesome!! I preordered it for my kindle! I’ve nearly run out of bookshelf space…lol!

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Thank you so much, Judy!

  2. Susan Mann Avatar

    I’ve pre-ordered. Can’t wait to read. I love the book sculptures they are amazing x