Hello, February! Writing, Podcasting and Investigating Book Swag

Hello, my lovelies!

Just a quick update to let you know that I’m still here – I’ve just been buried in my Scrivener document, trying to get a first draft finished. I’m working on a follow-up (standalone novel in the same genre) to In The Light of What We See and it has swallowed my brain!


If you’re interested in an audio update on my writing life (complete with a croaky, cold-choked voice), my latest podcast episode is up here. It also features an interview with creative coach, Mark McGuinness, and we discuss motivation, meditation and smashing through creative blocks.

I’m also getting very excited about my next book launch. In The Light of What We See will be published in two months time (meep!) and I’ve been researching ‘book swag’ for giveaways. This mainly involves losing hours to the delights of Etsy. It’s a hard life…

I’m rather fond of these miniature book pendants by NickyDrawStuff:



And these lockets by NovelDesignsUK:



Both sellers offer custom design (so I could get some made with my book cover).

I’m also looking into printed canvas shopping/tote bags and notebooks.

What do you think? Got any book swag recommendations or suggestions?






3 responses to “Hello, February! Writing, Podcasting and Investigating Book Swag”

  1. Carl Markham Avatar
    Carl Markham

    Looking at the pic of those ‘lockets’ – and ideas for book swag giveaways for your launch…Now how about making a ‘mock-up’ of the title page cover and mounting this on a wood block of the same size/depth of the book, with a wall mounting screwed to the rear. Coat it with clear varnish and you have a lovely promotional hand-out! (Maybe the printers could run off some extra book covers – which would make the job easier to produce?) Suggest play with it on your own (using cheap charity shop p.b.s and scrounge wood off-cuts from your local builder/joiner etc. Just the thing for cold February days when you’ve got another attack of runny nose/writer’s block (both not necessarily together!) Good luck with the launch

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Hi Carl, Thanks for reading and for the book swag idea…. I have to admit, I like the idea of doing my own stuff (any excuse for a craft project!) but I’m not convinced I have the skills to make anything that people would actually want to receive! Hope all is well with you.

      1. Carl Markham Avatar
        Carl Markham

        ‘Oh ye of little faith’! Why not do a ‘test’ one and run it past family/trusted friends etc.?
        Yes, I’m well and ‘in the Pink’ (Despite the efforts of no less than eight violent storms to blow me and my wee flock of pet sheep off the island!)