Holiday fun and novella news

Well, I’m FINALLY allowed to tell you all that I have a new book coming out. Yay!

It’s just a short one (a novella, in fact) and is a prequel to The Language of Spells. It’s called The Garden of Magic and I believe it’s out next month (I will let you know exact date when I am given it).

I’ve had quite a few messages from readers (thank you!) asking for more from Iris Harper (who we get to know through her journals in The Language of Spells) so when Carina asked me to write a novella, I thought it would be fun to get to know her better. I really hope you like it!

In other news, I took a week off. Yes, a whole week with no editing, no writing and precious little internet time (how did I cope?!).

Truth be told, I was feeling a little frayed around the edges before the holiday, and I feel so much better for the break. We did lots of lovely family stuff, including a hill walk in the beautiful Glen Clova, a visit to these fine silver beasts, and a roller disco. Yes, you read that right; I donned wrist guards (the caution of age) and some bad-ass black rollerboots and whizzed around a darkened hall for a happy couple of hours. It was brilliant!

The Kelpies
The Kelpies against a grey sky – it’s summer here, honest.

I hope you are having a good summer and, as always, thank you for reading!


7 responses to “Holiday fun and novella news”

  1. Luisa Avatar

    Ooh, huge congratulations! (And lovely pic! Plus – a roller disco? I’m very impressed!) xx

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Thank you, Luisa! The roller disco was so much fun (I was very impressed with myself: I started out pretty wobbly, but soon it all came back)! x

  2. susankmann Avatar

    Oooh can’t wait to read. Never been to the kelpies yet, must go see them. Great pictures and would love to do a roller disco x

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Thanks, Susan! I loved the Kelpies – really impressive. I don’t know if it’s useful for you, but there’s a roller disco in Stirling at the end of August! x

  3. Carl Markham Avatar

    Hi Sarah,
    Great news about your novella – will keep my eyes peeled for it on Amazon. Well done! …And you certainly deserved that ‘break’ from all the rigours of the ‘e-world’. What a wonderful piece of sculpture! I was also impressed with your roller-disco ‘jaunt’ I reached silver standard in ice figure skating – but rollers terrified me!
    You asked last month ‘What happened to June?’ I’m now asking ‘What happened to July?’ It’s been an absolute disaster here in Orkney.

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Hi Carl, sorry to hear July has been a disaster – hope you are okay. And I’m very impressed by your ice skating ability! I was terrified of the blades as a kid, but I quite fancy trying it one day…

  4. Theodore Nwangene Avatar

    Good to hear you’ve got a new book by the corner Sarah,
    I keep wondering how you people usually come up with all these book ideas, one of my main challenges is coming up with the ideas of what to write and I’m seriously trying to fight this.

    Do you have any formula to coming up with lots of writing ideas?

    Congrats for your new book, looking forward to having a look :).

    Thanks for sharing