Zelda Kitzgerald: A Day in the Life

I was wondering what to share with you guys this week and, truth be told, I was drawing a blank. I’ve been feeling a bit ‘meh’ and haven’t done anything of interest – unless you count shredding loads of paperwork in my continuing mission to declutter the house.

Then I remembered something very important: I have a kitten! Hurrah!

Zelda Kitzgerald continues to be a source of joy and delight. The kids love playing with her and picking her up for cuddles. Zelda is less certain about the latter activity, but bears it with good grace.

She is five months old, now, and has grown so much. Look, here she is next to my daughter’s boots at three months:


And today, hiding under my laptop stand. (I realise that another shot of her next to the boots would be best for comparison purposes, but, you know… Life.):


Zelda’s day begins at around six. She likes to announce this with a little game of ‘pat Sarah’s face’. After receiving the extensive stroking that is her due, she heads off to see if she can jump on the children. If they have (sensibly) shut their bedroom doors, she returns to my bed to play ‘pounce on the keyboard’ while I do my morning writing.

After all this exercise, Zelda is a tired kitten and she tends to settle down for a day-long nap, waking up in the late afternoon/evening for a lively round of laser-pointer tag, catch-the-humans, climb the curtains and, my particular favourite; attack thin air while making crazy-eyes.

At bedtime, she snuggles down at the bottom of the duvet and concentrates her considerable powers of cuteness on looking adorable and peaceful, thereby ensuring that she won’t be usurped and is in prime face-patting position the next morning.

It’s not a bad life…


9 responses to “Zelda Kitzgerald: A Day in the Life”

  1. maggie Cabeza Avatar

    Hello Sarah,

    What a gorgeous little thing she is and a lovely source of entertainment for you all! i have a little chihuahua cross Yorkie they call them Chorkies! He is 8 years old but he follows me everywhere during the day and is of great company and comfort.

    Have a good week xx

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Hi Maggie – thank you so much for reading and commenting. I love the sound of your Chorkie – very cute! x

  2. Dana Evans Avatar

    So cute! We have 5 month old Manx kittens at our house (in Connecticut) – and this past Monday morning the little girl, Stella, started acting weird. Lots of meowing and walking funny. She looked like she was straining to go number 2 and I freaked out that she had a blockage of some kind as my son leaves his LEGOs everywhere. So off I run to the emergency vet at 6 am, to wait 45 minutes, at which point she was calm and acting fine. Of course. $105 later I am told she is just in heat. Felt like such an idiot as I ran in there babbling about LEGOs and blockage 🙂
    5 months is early for going into heat, but just so you know they do some major meowing and weird butt up in the air behavior!! We now have a recovering spayed Stella 🙂

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Dana, THANK YOU so much for sharing that – very useful to know! And I’m so glad all was well with Stella (love that name!). x

  3. Judy Avatar

    Zelda sounds so sweet….and you description of her day reminds me of a kitten we had a very long time ago. Those crazy cat moments were a hoot!

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Thank you for visiting and commenting, Judy! Pets can be so much fun.

  4. Carl Markham Avatar

    Ahhhhhh! …Reminds me of my beloved Jaffa cat. I rescued him from under a garden shed when he was about that age and was my constant ‘shadow’ and companion until I had to send him into spirit sphere (aged 23!)two years ago when his quality of life had deteriorated so it was time to say goodbye. Broke my heart. But be warned – DON’T let her get anywhere near your keyboard! They get fascinated by them and cause havoc with your MSS!

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Carl, I’m so sorry to hear about your cat – having said goodbye to my two older cats (aged 16) within the last few months, I truly empathise. I’m afraid it’s too late for your sound advice re. the keyboard, though… It’s bad when I’m writing fiction, but the worst is when she updates my social media on my behalf 🙂

      1. Carl Markham Avatar

        Thanks for your kind commiserations Sarah (written from the heart) – so many people are so insensitive when it’s ‘just’ a pet (my most common comment was “Well, why don’t you just replace it with another one?”)
        Sorry I was a bit late with my advice about cats and keyboards – your social media contacts must be wondering what you’re on…