Monday Motivation: Stamina



As I’m armpit deep in rewriting at the moment, this John Irving quote has special resonance for me.

Stamina isn’t just for the rewriting stage, though, it’s an essential component of building a creative habit, writing (and finishing) a first draft, submitting, and publishing.

Do you agree? If so, how did you show stamina this week?


Extreme cuteness AKA dog sitting

The summer holidays have landed here in sunny Scotland and to kick off the festivities we borrowed a dog.

Maisie is my mum’s super-cute Jackadoodle and the children had a blast looking after her. I’ve stolen this photo from my mum’s blog so that you can see the extreme cuteness:

Maisie Expectant


I had to use mum’s picture on account of all my attempts to capture Maisie’s image turned out like this:


Maisie-dog is not a fan of sitting still.
Maisie-dog is not a fan of sitting still.

That dog is fast.

However, although the weekend was high on walkies and playing fetch, it was low on words written.

Back to it…