Monday Motivation: Community

Procrastination-Mug-SmallLast week I shared my new colouring-in method for recording word count and, I’m happy to report, it has continued to work well for me. Even on bad-writing days, I would say to myself that I only had to write a sentence or two and I could colour in my chart.

This month, I have written Every Single Day, which makes me very happy!

I mentioned that there was another tactic in my fight-against-procrastination and I shall reveal it now… Community.

Wonderful (and very lovely) author Stephanie Burgis ran a ‘March Madness’ challenge on FB. I’ve joined writing challenges before and found them helpful but this one was particularly good. I think the daily check-ins were key. There is something about writing down your goal for the day (in public!) which really focuses the mind.

Plus, they’re an incredibly kind and supportive group – thanks again, guys!


Monday Motivation: Writing A Rainbow

I’m considering a new regular feature on the blog: Monday Motivation.* I’ll share my latest and shiniest tricks for staying motivated. (Or, if work is not going well, wail and whine about that. Sounds fun, huh?!)

Writing a novel is a long old slog and, even with the best of intentions, we all slip into despondency from time to time.

After working very hard to get The Secrets of Ghosts finished, I had a mini writing slump. I was struggling to get a couple of hundred words done in a session and spent days (okay, a couple of weeks) actively avoiding opening my Scrivener file.

However, during March I’ve managed to write every single day and I’ve hit my word count goals every single week. Hurrah!

In part, this phase of productivity is probably due to having had those sucky couple of weeks (we all need a break, after all), put it’s also to a couple of motivation tools I’ve been using.

The first is a new way I’ve been using to record my word counts.

I’ve been using a ‘don’t break the chain‘ style thing in my diary since the start of the year, but this month I hit on the idea of colouring in the boxes on my calendar with nice pencils, instead of marking them with an ‘X’.

Look! It’s so pretty!


Next week I’ll share the other thing I’ve been trying (assuming I haven’t just jinxed my good progress by writing this blog).

*You know, until I forget about it. Ahem.

Friday Five: The self-involved edition

The Secrets of Ghosts coverHello, hello! How are you all?

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks with The Secrets of Ghosts going out into the world (eek!) and getting some lovely reviews (phew!).

Plus, I’ve been knuckling down on my WIP. It’s so satisfying to see the word count go up and I’m almost through the ‘dreaded middle’. Hurrah!

I’m sorry I haven’t been here very much, but I have been popping up around the internet, promoting The Secrets of Ghosts. I wasn’t organised enough to do a formal blog tour this time around but, in case you’re interested, here are some links:

1. As you might suspect from the title, my latest book contains a measure of spookiness. I talked to OneMorePage about my favourite ghost stories.

2. Fellow Carina author, Samantha Tonge, interviewed me about cake, writing, and cats on her blog.

3. Are you a writer? If you’re interested in finding a literary agent, I wrote about that very subject for Novelicious this week.

4.  ‘The Book That Changed My Life’ at Novelicious featuring – you guessed it – me!

5. The most excellent Sunday Opening Hours has invited me this week (thank you!). Do drop by on Sunday to learn all about my fascinating (ah-hem) Sunday routine.