Monday Motivation: Writing A Rainbow

I’m considering a new regular feature on the blog: Monday Motivation.* I’ll share my latest and shiniest tricks for staying motivated. (Or, if work is not going well, wail and whine about that. Sounds fun, huh?!)

Writing a novel is a long old slog and, even with the best of intentions, we all slip into despondency from time to time.

After working very hard to get The Secrets of Ghosts finished, I had a mini writing slump. I was struggling to get a couple of hundred words done in a session and spent days (okay, a couple of weeks) actively avoiding opening my Scrivener file.

However, during March I’ve managed to write every single day and I’ve hit my word count goals every single week. Hurrah!

In part, this phase of productivity is probably due to having had those sucky couple of weeks (we all need a break, after all), put it’s also to a couple of motivation tools I’ve been using.

The first is a new way I’ve been using to record my word counts.

I’ve been using a ‘don’t break the chain‘ style thing in my diary since the start of the year, but this month I hit on the idea of colouring in the boxes on my calendar with nice pencils, instead of marking them with an ‘X’.

Look! It’s so pretty!


Next week I’ll share the other thing I’ve been trying (assuming I haven’t just jinxed my good progress by writing this blog).

*You know, until I forget about it. Ahem.