Monday Musings

[Sorry, no picture. Check out this GIF on Title To Come for an accurate representation of the way I look at the moment.]

Good morning!

I’m at zero draft stage with my new book so every writing session is riddled with questions. Who are these people? What do they want? Why is my main character being so snappy? Who should I  shut in a cupboard until they get bored and start snogging? Why is there a dead body in the hotel room?*

I jump into every book with only the vaguest sense of story and trust that my subconscious will deliver the goods. Of course, that also means that every word I put down will most likely be moved, rewritten or cut. But, and here’s what I needed to remind myself of this morning; every single wrong word needs to be written so that I can swap it for the right one later.

Right. Back to it.

(In case you’d like more of my rambling, I’m over on Novelicious today, talking about techniques for Staying Motivated.)

* I was stuck on Friday and it seemed like a good idea at the time.