Keeping score

notebooksMy love of lists is well-documented but I love keeping records, too. I hesitate to give details, lest I come across as obsessive (heaven forbid!) and a bit odd, but it’s probably too late to worry about that…

So. I’ve kept a diary (I don’t write everyday, but regularly enough) since I was eleven and, of course, I have this blog, but I also keep a regular writing journal with ideas, free-writing, thoughts on my WIP and general moaning about my progress or lack-of.

Plus, every single day I note down how many words (of fiction) I’ve written, whether I’ve exercised (stretching and yoga-type stuff), and how many miles I’ve walked (last year I usually managed 15 miles a week but I’m aiming for 20).*

This year I’ve added to my self-documentation with a list of books I’ve read (date finished and a note about the content/enjoyment), and more comprehensive notes on my word count. I’ve added details about when I wrote,  how long I spent, and notes on how I was feeling, distractions and so on. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to look back over these and draw useful conclusions about my work habits. Or, perhaps, I’ll just be horrified by the amount of faffing I do. Ah-hem.

So, am I the only self-obsessed record keeper? If not, what do you like to keep track of? And do you find it helpful?


6 responses to “Keeping score”

  1. Helen Avatar

    I do keep a record, of such, but it didn’t occur to me to include my word count for the day. I will be doing that forthwith! (The notebooks in the picture are v. pretty by the way, they would look nice on my new shelving!)

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Hi Helen; thanks for commenting! I do like keeping a word count but I’m really pleased I decided to add in the time I’ve spent, too (helps on those editing/being stuck days when I work hard but the word count looks pathetic and depressing). And, yes, you *need* those notebooks!

  2. Matthew Avatar

    Why not put it all on to a spreadsheet and plot it as a graph and then you can see your productivity vs procrastination (and exercise) visually. The great thing is that the task will take several days to complete and will be a colossal waste of time, making it a fabulously inventive way of procrastinating!

    1. Sarah Avatar

      I like the way you think! *opens spreadsheet*

  3. Emma's Room Avatar

    Then you could go on and make it into an excel document with values attached, data then has to be put in, etc ….. More time used!!! List yes, frequently used as I fear leaving anything to memory! Records, sound too much like medical paraphernalia and that always disturbs me a little, never quite know what’s in those little records they hold!!! Why not think of records to break, longest lasting cup of tea, most biscuits eaten in 20secs….. Getting my thinking? Enough, another client beckons and I’m off. Have a wonderful weekend and see you Monday. Xxxxx

    1. Sarah Avatar

      I like the sound of being a record breaker (RIP Roy Castle)… Can I make myself a medal, too? xx