Steampunk crochet bunny slippers

Steampunk crochet bunny slippers.

Best. Header. Ever.

Just when I think I couldn’t love Jennifer Crusie any more, she starts brainstorming for a new series of books (which sound amazing – meep!) with steampunk crochet. Steampunk crochet, people.

Go check out her wonderful creations here and, if you’re inspired to make your own bunny slippers, head here for the pattern.

(Sorry for the quick post: I’m wrestling with the first act of the book and it’s putting up one heck of a fight.)


2 responses to “Steampunk crochet bunny slippers”

  1. Matthew Avatar

    Steampunk and handicrafts are such natural bedfellows…

    1. Sarah Avatar

      True ‘dat.