Crazy writer is crazy

Hello! *waves a little too enthusiastically*

I’m still rewriting! I think it’s going well. I love some of the new scenes and, truly, it’s easier than writing first or second draft stuff because I know the characters so well.
Except that every tiny thing I change has a knock-on effect.
And I spend some sessions taking out – and then putting back in – the same couple of paragraphs.

And the kids are on summer holiday and they actually expect me to, yanno, feed them and interact with them and go outside.
And I’m constantly worried that I’m not doing this story justice. It’s all so good in my head.

And the deadline is next week. Urp.

Anyway. This is a whiny and rambling way of saying ‘still nothing to see here’. Sorry.

Also, a big welcome and ‘thank you’ to my new readers and followers.
[Image via Zoe Lea]