In which I apologise

Sorry for abandoning you.

After a beautiful family wedding last weekend, I succumbed to a horrid chest infection that swallowed up my week in one snotty gulp. Nice.

I’m beginning to feel almost human but am not up to a proper blog post. Instead, I give you this astounding routine from the film Stormy Weather. It’s surely the best, and certainly the most painful, tap dance I have ever seen…

Make sure you watch to the end for the full, wince-inducing effect.

[Via The Kid Should See This]


4 responses to “In which I apologise”

  1. Matthew Avatar

    Dude. I feel your snotty pain. Glurp. Solidarity from your brother in bogies (and in life)… x

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Thank you! Mmmm… Snotty pain. Hope we both feel better soon! x

    1. Sarah Avatar

      I know! I wonder if either of the Nicholas Brothers went on to have children…