Halloween nostalgia

I love this time of year. I love the crisp, cold days, the autumn leaves, and the smell of wood smoke in the air. I love the way darkness falls quickly and resolutely, the cosy nights indoors and the promise of frost and snow to come. Yes, by January I will heartsick of winter and wishing for the spring, but for now I’m craving it.

I also love Halloween. I love the idea of lighting candles against the dark, of curling up with a good spooky book or giving one as part of All Hallows Read.

The iconography really appeals to me, too. Not so much the Freddy Krueger masks, eyeballs, and fake blood,  but the witches in black pointy hats, dumpy, cheerful pumpkins, and bats with their black wings spread wide. Not to forget ghosts made from bed sheets, black cats and broomsticks, lanterns and a shiny full moon. I just passed a happy half hour browsing this gallery of vintage Halloween postcards.

And if that’s put you in the mood for some themed decorating, check out this collection of carved/decorated pumpkins from Country Living and these free, printable images from the generous Graphics Fairy.