Tutorial (redux): Vintage china cake stand

I used to run a craft and homewares blog and my lovely mum created this fab tutorial for it. I thought it should have another day in the sun, so here it is.

Vintage china cake stand

By Jennie Hughes

Do you wander around your local charity stores picking up
the odd pretty, but mismatched, china plate? Beautiful ceramics and bone
china are so enticing, but what do you do with them? It’s not sense to
keep them stashed away in a cupboard, and an entire un-matching dinner service
takes some chutzpah to carry off, but what about a pretty cake-stand?

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Crafty Christmas: Bird house mantel decoration

It’s almost certainly too late for me to create my own little bird house mantel for this Christmas – and I’d likely* explode in a non-festive stress bomb if I were to attempt it – but that won’t stop me reading BirdHouse’s tutorial and day-dreaming.

Still, our tree went up on the weekend (with our assistance, we don’t have a magic self-decorating tree), the fairy lights and cards are strung around the living room, and I’m beginning to feel suspiciously Jolly. How about you?

* Definitely.

Craft round up

I’m still neck-deep in my novel revision and that, coupled with the school holiday, means I haven’t had an awful lot of spare time for crafting. I’m still (slowly) knitting, but in the time it’s taken me to advance a scarf a few inches, my daughter has learned to crochet and completed a stripy hat.

Still, there’s always time to scour the internet for new projects…

If you’re also short on time, how about sewing a skirt in an hour? The video tutorial is here and it (should) be a quick and useful make. [Via Craftzine]

This pixel painting project is one to do with the kids – and the results are super-pretty, too.

Finally, this beautiful card wallet is a good way of using up smaller pieces of fabric and the tutorial looks easy-to-follow. Visit Very Berry Handmade for more.

Right. Back to work…