Beneath The Water Cover Reveal

Hello, my lovelies.

Well, it’s a been a while, hasn’t it? Blogging has rather fallen off my to-do list this year and, I’ll be quite honest, I’m not sure whether that situation will improve… I am thinking of renaming this section of the site ‘news’ or ‘what I’m working on at the moment’ to indicate the more sporadic nature of the updates.

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My news today is that I have finally finished all of the rewrites and edits on my new book. It’s called Beneath The Water and I have a cover AND a release date – huzzah!

Ta-da! What do you think? I really hope you like it…


It’s out on 8th February 2018 in paperback, ebook and audio formats, and you can pre-order it right now:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

The blurb isn’t up yet (sign-up to my mailing list to be notified as soon as I have it!), but the book is set on the west coast of Scotland in the present day with a historical strand, set in Victorian Edinburgh.

In other news, I had a lovely summer and am now raring to go with my new writing projects.

I have just finished the rewrites on a supernatural thriller (darker and more violent than my usual fare) and am getting stuck into a new series idea… More on that as soon as I’m able to talk about it!



Announcing The Worried Writer Podcast!


Those on my mailing list already know about this (sign up here if you’d like to be in the club!) but here’s my ‘big’ announcement…

My secret project is a brand new podcast called The Worried Writer!

If you want to write but find it hard, this podcast is for you. Every episode will be packed with practical advice and resources and, perhaps most importantly, the knowledge that you are Not Alone.

Each month I will interview an author, delving into the nitty-gritty of the creative life. We discuss how they get their writing done and how they deal with self-doubt, creative block and procrastination.

I am a self-confessed ‘worried writer’ and, on good days, I feel as if I’ve made peace with that. I work despite the self-doubt, and I’ve developed several techniques with enable me to get words on the page on a regular schedule. I want to share those tips and techniques with you, answer questions and provide support to fellow-worriers.

I also (selfishly!) want to gather more tips and advice from other writers because worry is a sneaky little beast and I have no doubt that I will need new ways to combat it in the future.

I really hope you’ll join me. The first episode will go live next week, but in the meantime here’s a short article on the value of puttingĀ process over product.