Podcasting, Writing and the Joy of Rereading

ID-100305236It’s been a lovely sunny Easter holiday. We’ve had the first picnic of the year and even been to the beach a couple of times (which means, of course, the first outdoor fish and chips of the season – yum).

In between the fun, I’ve been busy editing and uploading my new podcast. The first episode is now live and you can subscribe in iTunes or listen via The Worried Writer site.

The first episode features an interview with YA author (and my good friend) Keris Stainton. I really hope you like it!

Writing-wise, I’ve been trying to work on a new project that just doesn’t feel right. I don’t usually hit my first, serious ‘I can’t do it’ wall until around 20,000 words, but I am seriously flailing at just 4000. I need to decide whether it’s the wrong project or the wrong idea or whether I’m just burnt out and need a little break.

Speaking of feeling a bit odd, after finishing the excellent The Girl With All the Gifts by M. R. Carey, I couldn’t settle on a new book to read.

So, I decided to visit some old friends…

I used to reread a lot and it’s something I’m trying to find time to do again. It’s nice, every once in a while, to step off the ‘shiny new book’ conveyor belt (so many new books, never enough time!) and to slip between the worn covers of an old favourite.

Sometimes it’s like coming home, with everything just as I left it – and is just as comforting as that sounds. Sometimes, though, it’s deliciously unsettling; familiar stories made strange with the fresh perspective of another decade (or two) of life.

How about you? Do you like to reread books or is once enough?

[Image credit: pannawat at FreeDigitalPhotos]

Happy Holidays!

goodies gingerbread house

Today is my last day at work. Well, I say ‘at work’, but I’ll mainly be looking after two poorly children and scoffing treats from the Christmas cupboard.

I just wanted to wish you all a happy Christmas (if that’s your thing – if not, ‘happy holidays’) and say ‘thank you’ for visiting my blog over the year. I truly appreciate it.

I’ll be back in a week or so with a round up of my 2012 and goal-setting for 2013. 2013!

[Image credit: Amazing gingerbread house from Goodies By Anna]

Giddy with fabric love

Well, would you look at these intriguing parcels that arrived for me this morning. Mysterious, huh?

What could be inside?








Only the most perfect, giddy-making fabric I have *ever* seen.

My lovely brother and sister-in-law spotted this fabric in The Makery and surmised (quite correctly) that it would make me so happy I would very nearly throw up. Meep!
They also sent the makings for a lampshade and a soft feathery cushion pad so I know exactly what to do with the material… Once I stop stroking it in a stalkerish loving way.

I mean, look:



Speaking of lucky…

Yesterday’s post made me think about my blessings and, without wishing you all to lightly vomit, they are legion.

Top of the list this week has to be this gorgeous dotty apron which my daughter made for my birthday. She had the help of a talented (and wonderful – thanks Mum!) Gran and it was her very first sewing machine project.

To say I was overwhelmed when I opened the parcel would be an understatement. I won’t lie to you, dear reader; tears were shed. How could it be that my baby girl* could’ve executed a surprise present so perfect? How? My mind, it boggleth. My heart, it squeezes with joy. Seriously; how did I get this lucky?

[Thanks to Mum for the photo, too. Read more about the fabulous apron-project on her craft-filled blog The Turtle Moves]

* Anybody who wishes to point out that my baby girl is now eleven years old is perfectly at liberty to do so. I have my fingers in my ears.