Hello, my lovelies; how are you?

I took a break from rewriting the book last week and headed down south for a holiday.

In addition to quality time with family, I caught up with two very dear friends who have just had babies. Adorable tiny babies with that ‘new baby smell’. Happy sigh.

I also went to London to meet my agent in person for the first time (there are some disadvantages to living in Scotland) and my editor at Carina.

I was super-nervous but they were both so lovely that they put me at my ease. We went out for lunch and talked (mostly, unsurprisingly) about books and publishing. It was ace!

It’s something I’ve dreamed about for years and it made everything feel more real. This is going to sound utterly daft, but it’s finally beginning to sink in that I’ve got a couple of books out, that I might (maybe, hopefully) be able to keep on writing and make a real go of it. Oh, I do hope so.

And on that note, I’d better get back to my rewrite…

Book News: Mine!

snoopy_happy_danceI’ve been sitting on this news for a while (and it’s been killing me to keep quiet!), but I’ve been given the go ahead to tell you guys…

Thanks to Agent Fabulous, I’ve accepted a two book deal with a major publisher.

*pause for happy dance*

It’s a ‘digital first’ deal with MIRA’s new imprint which means that the book will be released as an e-book in the first instance (with the possibility of a print version later) and I’m so excited.*

I’m delighted that my book has found such a wonderful home and that I’m working with fantastic professionals who love it as much as I do. Honestly, I can’t stop smiling.

I’ll keep you updated with all the details over the next few months. Meep!

*So much understatement in this post. Please just picture me hyperventilating with happiness.

So long, 2012!

Wow. End of the year already… Time for some personal highlights of 2012:

Signed with dream agent at fabulous agency, Watson, Little Ltd. Meep!

Re-worked novel with help from dream agent, learning lots and making the book so much better.

After years of research and prevarication finally chose, ordered and had installed my very own writing cabin. A room of my own. Plus, I was inundated by office-warming presents from my lovely friends to celebrate, including the poster pictured above (thank you, K!) and this lovely mug (thank you, Fay!) which is in no way apposite…


It says: ‘i am doing my best to concentrate but due to years of elite training in the dark art of time wasting i can’t resist the urge to procrastinate.’


I also attended The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy live (in Edinburgh) with my fabulous family, saw Ross Noble and Laura Marling (not together), and took the kids on the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour (highly recommended).

Also, sneaking in at the end of the year, was The Hobbit. Yes, they really don’t need three films to tell the story, but it was still a great film and very pretty (well worth catching in the cinema, if you can). Plus, once you’ve seen it you can fully appreciate Sarah Rees Brennan’s parody Thorin Dreamboatshield: An Unexpected Hotness of Dwarves.

I love the turn of the year, the mix of reflection and looking ahead, and I wish you all a happy hogmanay. See you in 2013!

In which I am swithering

Swithering. Probably my second-most-succesful activity after procrastination. I’ve been trying to decide between projects since  before Christmas. In desperation, I decided to work on them all in the hope that I’d lean heavily towards one or the other. This hasn’t happened. Instead, I’ve limped forwards on all the books, have many voices in my head, and an unpleasant, scattered sensation throughout every writing session.

So. That’s an experiment that I won’t repeat.

Which leaves me with the decision. Do I work on Book A: A character-driven, women’s fiction affair that I began on the advice of my old agent? At the time it was like pulling teeth but when I read it now, I quite like it. Plus, there’s over 50,000 words in the file.

Or, Book B: My supernatural YA. I started this for NaNo ages ago. Three years? And have been working on it off-and-on ever since. I’ve got about 55,000 words and ideas about how to fix the plot/character issues, but it all feels a bit ‘meh’. I can’t seem to make myself care very much.

Book C: Adult urban fantasy thing that I started for KazNo 2011. I like my main character, I like lots of the dialogue, but I stalled early on and am not sure where the story is going. Of course, I never know where my stories are going, so I shouldn’t let that stop me…

Finally, Book D. This is basically starting a new book. I’d be using a character (or two) from the book I wrote for my MLitt, but that’s it. Blank page. New-ish genre (for me); psychological thriller/crime.

In case you’re having a similar dilemma, I’d recommend doing what I just did… Write out all your options. The decision seems clearer to me, already. Failing that, this Should Do Would Do Book Dilemma post from Victoria Schwab might help.