Wrestling with the WIP, the passage of time, and leaving the house

A sneak preview of my fall fashion collection
A sneak preview of my fall fashion collection

Hello, my lovelies – how are you all?

I promised myself that I would update the blog today, but I’m feeling pretty scattered and dragging my thoughts into a cohesive post feels impossible. Have some brain vomit, instead! (Apologies.)

As the title explains, I am struggling with draft two of the WIP. It’s the stage at which I wish – fervently – that I planned my books, and that my first drafts weren’t craptastic brain-dumps.

However, I do know (from past experience) that the only way to feel better (about this book or anything at all in my life) is to write, write, write. Just keep going. On and through.

I’m also feeling distracted and emotional, as my youngest is coming to the end of his primary school years. He’s visiting the local high school today and, after the summer, will be there All The Time. No more lovely primary with its polo shirts and school fetes and playing tig at lunchtime. No more school runs (well, walks) during which he sets me maths problems I can’t answer, and we discuss our mutual love for The Avengers and Groot.

This, naturally enough, leads to depressing thoughts about the passage of time. My children are growing up so quickly and, no matter how intently I insist that they desist, the moments keep slipping past.

More practically speaking, there’s the danger that I will go entirely feral without the civilising need to leave the house twice a day. My children will come home at four o’clock to find me in my ratty old dressing gown muttering and twitching over a typewriter like Grady Tripp in The Wonder Boys.

So, there’s that to look forward to, at least…


2 responses to “Wrestling with the WIP, the passage of time, and leaving the house”

  1. Carl Markham Avatar

    Hi lovely yourself!
    Yes, I have a similar problem – but in my case read ‘lambs’ for ‘children! I’ve got two wee ones who keep leaving the tender care of their mums and attempting to wriggle under the wire fence (‘grass is always greener’ etc!) – so I’m spending valuable time scouring the field with my binocs. keeping an eye on them instead of getting on with my writing. (well, that’s MY excuse, which I think you’ll agree is quite unique?) They are lovely though – and rest assured, they will NEVER be served up with mint sauce!
    Seriously tho’ I think you’re wonderful balancing all these balls as well as finding time to write your blog and conduct these fascinating interviews which this ‘worried writer’ is finding so encouraging, and if it’s any consolation – I also find the ‘new maths’ totally confusing. Bring back the abacus, I say! P.S. Love your latest pic – which looks a bit like me at my old typewriter (tho’ his looks a lot posher than my wee Olivetti Lettera 22!)

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Hi Carl – thanks so much for your kind comments! And, yes, you definitely win the prize for most unusual writing excuse. Good luck with those lambs!