Friday Five: The Writing Life

Try-balancing-aFriday again! In my part of the world the kids are on holiday from school so it’s been a week of snatched moments on the laptop* and many games of Boggle. Which, just to be clear, is brilliant. I love Boggle.

This week, I’ve been thinking about the writing life. Not so much the practicalities of getting the work done, but all the other stuff that comes along with being an author. It began when Neil Gaiman was asked this question on tumblr: ‘How stable of a career would you say being an author is?’

1. His answer is pictured above. [Link to the original post]

2. This funny piece by Jim Crace on his advice to aspiring writers: ‘The Secrets of My Success’. The Guardian.

3. Natalie Whipple is a YA author and she writes about the realities of being a mid-list author with honesty and clarity.

4. One of the (brilliant) aspects of the writing life is being in a position to promote books and reading. If you’re an author, perhaps you’d like to become a Patron of Reading for a local school?

5. My piece for Novelicious this week is about the importance of being professional.

*Truthfully… Snatched hours while they play Minecraft.

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  1. Nancy Stone Avatar
    Nancy Stone

    I’m loving your posts, Sarah! Thanks for the resources and insights.

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Thanks so much, Nancy!