Writing Challenge Check In: Week 7 (Almost There!)


Just a super-quick check-in today as my Big Deadline is tomorrow and I’ve got at least 10,000 more words to write… Meep!

At this time of year the focus is on Christmas parties, school nativities, wrapping gifts, hanging decorations and sending cards, and it can feel a bit strange and isolating to be tapping away at the keyboard, but do know you’re not alone.

And, if we manage to hit (or get close) to our goals, that sparkly wine/cheese and port/tin of chocolate will taste all the sweeter…

Good luck, my friends. We’re almost there!


2 responses to “Writing Challenge Check In: Week 7 (Almost There!)”

  1. Aimee Avatar

    Ahhh you can do it!

    I changed my goal, and hit it this morning. Well, as long as it’s not awful.

    Happy Christmas Sarah, enjoy it!

  2. Sarah Avatar

    Thanks, Aimee! And thank you so much for writing along with me over the last seven weeks. Well done on hitting your goal – I bet it isn’t awful at all! x