Writing Challenge Check In: Week 6

red_typewriterHello my lovelies, how are you? I hope your writing is going well and that having a clear goal in mind is helping.

December is a difficult month in which to stay focused, so pat yourself on the back for any work you’ve managed to get done.

I’ve really dug in over the last week. I’ve ignored reality as much as possible. I’ve turned down social engagements (boo!),  ignored the Christmas preparations and housekeeping and, thanks to the support of my lovely husband, I spent pretty much the whole weekend typing (thank you, darling!).

My deadline is Tuesday 17th December, but there are Things Happening on the weekend (including putting the tree up and panic-buying Christmas gifts), so I’m aiming to finish on Friday.

Right now, I’ve got about 71,000 words of a contracted 90,000, but I know they are roughly the right words in roughly the right order, so I’m feeling pretty good.

I always under-write, so I’ll spend the rest of this week, polishing what I’ve already written and adding depth and detail.

How about you? Whatever the progress, let us know in the comments so we can support each other.


One response to “Writing Challenge Check In: Week 6”

  1. Aimee Avatar

    Hmm. Let’s just say I’m having a confidence crisis and I have shelved until January. HOWEVER, I figured I’d use the time to outline the sequel to last book and have started first few chapters. SO not all bad I guess?

    Next week is MENTAL. Good luck to you, you’re doing fab x