Jennifer Wilde by Karen Mahoney and Stephen Downey

I’ve been meaning to read more in the way of comics/graphic novels for a wee while. Partly because I’m aware that there is a truck load of story-telling talent in this area, and partly because my daughter loved Anya’s Ghost and I’m on the look out for stuff to recommend to her…

So, when YA author Karen Mahoney mentioned on her blog that she’d written her first comic and that it featured the ghost of Oscar Wilde, I was keen.

Here’s a little bit about the series protagonist, Jennifer Wilde (taken from Kaz’s blog):

Jennifer is actually called Jennifer Chevalier. She is a young French artist, based in Paris in the 1920s. She also has an affinity for the spirit world (including the ability to see and speak to ghosts), although to begin with she’s more interested in pursuing her talent for painting.

Kaz Mahoney

Look what arrived this morning… Intriguing!

signed comic

Kaz has even signed it for me. Squee!! Thanks, Kaz!!

I’m back!

Since my last post I’ve been to the circus (this one – highly recommended), been ‘down south’ to visit my in-laws and play catch-up with lots of friends (also highly recommended – thanks again, all!), but mainly I’ve been working very hard to finish the new book.

The deadline was yesterday and I just made it… It’s far more ‘first drafty’ than I would like (and I really hope my editor isn’t too horrified), but I’d definitely hit the wall…. You know that point when your brain is scooped out and if you keep writing you’ll end up with ‘all work and no play’ repeated over and over again a la The Shining?

Still, now I can let the book ‘rest’ before the real work (rewriting) begins…

I’m still brain-fried today, so in lieu of my usual words of wisdom (ha!), please rest your eyes on this picture from our family holiday on the west coast of Scotland. This was on a beautiful day during the UK’s much-discussed heatwave. Just look at the crowds…

morar sands quiet small version