In which I am grateful: What a month!

On Sunday, my book will have been out in the world for one month.

I’ve gone from being incredibly nervous, to being elated, stressed, joyful, tired, back to nervous, and then elated again.

Bearing in mind that I’m an anxious sort of person, I’m pleased with how I’ve coped and how much I’ve enjoyed it. It helps, of course, that my reviews have been positive beyond my wildest dreams! I know that the inevitable bad review will happen, but at least I now have a cushion of praise to hold in front of my face and soften the blow.

I’d been warned that a book release – whether digital or print – is always a kind of anticlimax for the writer (nothing, after all, can compare to the years of working, wondering, hoping and dreaming of publication), so I was prepared for that.

I was also prepared to feel terrified, exposed or ignored.

I wasn’t, I’ll be honest, prepared for the overwhelming amount of support and kindness; the nice comments, the amazing reviews, the pats on the back.

Thank you. Seriously, everybody who has bought the book, reviewed it, commented, sent me nice emails, messages, cards and tweets – thank you.


4 responses to “In which I am grateful: What a month!”

  1. Emma's Room Avatar

    A month already!! Where has that gone? Looking forward to the next instalment and lots of catch up cups of tea! Xxx

    1. Sarah Avatar

      I know – it’s flown by! Yes please to catch up cups of tea (and large glasses of wine!). x

  2. Stephanie Burgis (@stephanieburgis) Avatar

    I cannot wait to read this, Sarah! I’ve already bought a copy but am trying really, really hard to save it for while I’m in the hospital or at home on the couch following my Caesarean section, when I’ll need a lot of Kindle books to get me through the hours of nursing, etc. I know it’ll be the perfect read for that point…but every time I read a new review, my willpower is pushed to the limit! 🙂

    Huge, huge congratulations on your first month as a published author!!! Your book looks SO great.

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Oh, thank you, Stephanie – what a lovely comment! Thank you so much for buying the book – I really hope you enjoy it. Lots of luck with your section, too. I’m thinking of you. x