Film News: Much Ado About Nothing

I *heart* Joss Whedon (and that Shakespeare dude ain’t half bad, either) so was interested when I first heard about Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, but now I’ve seen the trailer (Nathan Fillion! Amy Acker! Wesley!) I’m properly excited. Meep!

How about you? Do you fancy it? Or do you think the Branagh version (with the fabulous Emma Thompson) is the definitive adaptation?


2 responses to “Film News: Much Ado About Nothing”

  1. Fay Avatar

    Oh yes. Oh very much yes. Oh very much Whedon all the way! I am very excited about this film.

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Yay! T’internet says the release date is 6th June, but I don’t know if that’s UK as well as US… Cannae wait!