Tired and emotional

Yesterday was a very emotional day; It was my daughter’s leavers’ assembly at primary school and I spent the entire day crying on and off. I actually cried myself to sleep last night and I woke up today with a tension headache and the bulbous eyes of an alien.*

So I was already feeling a wee bit delicate when I read the news that the talented and inspirational Nora Ephron had died. I’m not in any fit state to write anything about it and wouldn’t manage to be as coherent and brilliant as my friend, Keris, anyway. Go read what she had to say instead.

*Yes, I know I have another child at primary school and that I’m very lucky to have a happy, healthy daughter who is growing up and that I am a wuss and should buck up and all of that. It’s the end of a lovely chapter in my precious girl’s life and I’m mourning its passing. I cannot help it.

Book News: The Antidote by Oliver Burkeman

Hello! I’m up to my eyebrows in rewrites and this post might not be coherent so I’ll keep it short.

If you want to feel a bit happier, but talk of goal-setting and thinking positively just makes you feel more neurotic, lethargic and anxiety-ridden, Oliver Burkeman’s new book might of interest.

It’s called The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking and you can read an extract (in the Guardian) here.

Could I write faster?

I’m often frustrated by the speed at which I write. Especially as it’s combined with a somewhat inefficient process of writing a lot of first draft material before I even work out what my story is/who my characters are.

It’s always comforting to know that you’re not alone so I loved this post by Holly Black. She’s planning to try Rachel Aaron’s strategy for writing more (How I Went From Writing 2000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day) and to blog all the details.

On a good day, I get 1000 words done (sometimes as much as 2500 when I’m revising), but if I’m completely honest, it’s usually more like 500. I would dearly love to increase that (or even to reliably have ‘good’ days), so I’ll be reading Holly’s results with interest.

How about you? Do you consider yourself a fast writer or a slow one and are you happy with your pace?

Writing room inspiration

Now that my garden office is becoming a reality (installation date booked – whoop!) I’m turning my attention to the inside. Yes, I know I should be turning my attention to clearing the old shed and rockery that are currently sitting where the office needs to go, but this is more fun.

I’m on a budget. A super-strict budget, truth be told, so most of my day dreams will remain just that. I don’t care; I’m beyond delighted that I’m going to have a room all of my own and I have the essentials (chair, desk, computer).

But a girl can dream. And Google. Ah-hem.

I like the vintage bits and bobs in this picture and the shelving unit looks very cute painted aqua. I’ve actually picked up a pine shelving unit similar to that one (but taller) from Freecycle that I was going to paint white; perhaps I’ll go wild and paint it turquoise instead.

[Image credit: decor8]

I’m planning to leave the walls plain white and I want to have my massive pin board on one wall (for plotting). Above my desk, I was thinking about narrow shelves and perhaps a wire or string with clips for pictures and photos. A few people have mentioned DEKA curtain wire from IKEA and I think that’s what has been used in the picture above.

[Image credit: DesignSponge]

Or, if I can find the right boxes, something like this would be brilliant.

[Image credit: The Vintage Valley]

I also love books-as-art and this is a nifty way to display them. It’s a £2.99 IKEA spice rack painted white. Bargainous and pretty.

[Image credit: IKEA Live]