Writing room inspiration

Now that my garden office is becoming a reality (installation date booked – whoop!) I’m turning my attention to the inside. Yes, I know I should be turning my attention to clearing the old shed and rockery that are currently sitting where the office needs to go, but this is more fun.

I’m on a budget. A super-strict budget, truth be told, so most of my day dreams will remain just that. I don’t care; I’m beyond delighted that I’m going to have a room all of my own and I have the essentials (chair, desk, computer).

But a girl can dream. And Google. Ah-hem.

I like the vintage bits and bobs in this picture and the shelving unit looks very cute painted aqua. I’ve actually picked up a pine shelving unit similar to that one (but taller) from Freecycle that I was going to paint white; perhaps I’ll go wild and paint it turquoise instead.

[Image credit: decor8]

I’m planning to leave the walls plain white and I want to have my massive pin board on one wall (for plotting). Above my desk, I was thinking about narrow shelves and perhaps a wire or string with clips for pictures and photos. A few people have mentioned DEKA curtain wire from IKEA and I think that’s what has been used in the picture above.

[Image credit: DesignSponge]

Or, if I can find the right boxes, something like this would be brilliant.

[Image credit: The Vintage Valley]

I also love books-as-art and this is a nifty way to display them. It’s a £2.99 IKEA spice rack painted white. Bargainous and pretty.

[Image credit: IKEA Live]