Scrabble coasters by Wild & Wolf

After a weekend in Glasgow seeing Laura Marling and staying in a gorgeous hotel* (courtesy of my fabulous brother and sister-in-law), I’m finding it hard to shake a slightly ‘meh’ feeling. I haven’t got much work done, I’m angsting over some submissions that I have ‘out there’, and I’m missing my daughter who is on her first ‘away from home’ school trip.

Still. In a world with Scrabble tile coasters, books to read and write, and my lovely family, how can I stay down for long?

[The coasters are pub-style cardboard ones and they cost £12.95 for 52 from here.]

* Note: How do you know you’re not just in a nice hotel, but a Properly Swanky one?
No. It’s not the ‘pillow menu’ or the ridiculously large and comfortable bed. It’s not the marble-lined bathroom or the speaker system in the ceiling. It’s not even the shower that’s like standing in a tropical rainstorm. No, it’s when you get Tunnock’s teacakes on your hospitality tray. Awesome.