Scrivener for Windows

It’s here! After many beta releases, Scrivener for Windows is ready! In case you aren’t aware, Scrivener is a software application aimed squarely at writers.

I was truly smitten by Scrivener when Jennifer Crusie waxed lyrical about it on her blog, and even considered swapping to Mac to get my hands on it (seriously).

Scrivener allows you write in chapters, to outline, to keep all your research material – including pictures and collages – in one application, and has a nifty virtual cork board which enables you to visualise (and control) the structure of your novel.

Not convinced? The most excellent Michael Marshall Smith is also a fan. He’s been using the Mac version for years and said: “I genuinely think this is the biggest software advance for writers since the word processor.”

Still not sure? Download a trial version and have a play. If nothing else, it will be the perfect distraction from NaNoWriMo… Oh.


4 responses to “Scrivener for Windows”

  1. Matthew Avatar

    I have no distraction, unfortunately. I am already using Scrivener because I write on a Mac.

    This means 10 out of 10 for smugness, but minus several million for valid excuses for procrastination.


  2. Sarah Avatar

    Damn, indeed!

  3. Matthew Avatar

    The upside, of course, is that I am writing on a Mac, the computer that put the ‘Mmmmm’ into computing.

  4. Alistair Hughes Avatar

    I downloaded Scrivener for Windows and have subsequently paid for it. Shame you can install either version on up to 10 machines, but can’t use the license to run both versions. That said, it’s flippin’ cheap software for what it is. By storing all my files in Dropbox I can now scrive on whatever machine I find myself, i.e. at home (Mac) or when I’m supposed to be working (PC).