Just dive in…

I am procrastinating. It’s day three of November and I have yet to start KazNo. In other words, I am already 3000 words behind. Eep.

Worse still, I haven’t even decided which project to work on. I’m tempted to start something new and flail about in first draft territory for 30,000 glorious words… After months of solid revision, that sound pretty damn fine. However, my sensible side says I should knuckle down and beat my YA paranormal into submission.

I know. This blog post is more procrastination. The decision is procrastination.

In the words of Maureen Johnson (who is posting lots of NaNo advice throughout November), I should:

Go forth and do this thing. Have no fear. Just walk right in.

Okay, then.


2 responses to “Just dive in…”

  1. Matthew Avatar

    I am also attempting NaNoWriMo. On Day 4 I have managed fewer than 4000 words and all of them are initial plot outline and planning. My thought is that I spend the first week doing that and then the remaining three weeks actually writing the damn thing.

    I know, I know… not a hope in Hell. Still, shoudl be fun.

  2. Sarah Avatar

    That is really good going, Matthew, and, whatever happens during November, you’ll have more words than if you hadn’t attempted the challenge at all! I will now try to contain my jealousy at your ability to plan… x