I want: my own library

I live in a small-ish bungalow, not the Addams Family-style residence of my dreams. Luckily enough, the long central hallway is wide enough for bookcases and this is currently my ‘library’. Along with teetering piles of books by my bed and desk, of course.

[Picture via Home Designing]

It doesn’t, however, look as pretty and colour-coordinated as this, and there’s nowhere to sit and read. Except the floor. And the cats/kids/husband tend to stand on me if I read there…

Until I get an oak-panelled library (complete with secret doorway, please), I shall have to make do with this Personal Library Kit , browse this brilliant Tumblr and dream…


One response to “I want: my own library”

  1. Alistair Hughes Avatar

    I used to have a library. Okay, it was my office but two walls were taken up with bookshelves containing nearly all the books I’ve bought since I was 18 -disposed of all earlier ones on the way to university, most books from between 18-26 are possibly still in the attic (along with Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics 1-32) of what used to be my parents house. The cracks in the ceiling downstairs should explain why I now have one wall of slightly shorter bookcases.

    The rest are distributed around the house. Only ‘nice’ looking ones are allowed in the lounge bookcase. Fortunately I am not also required to colour co-ordinate them. What do you call that, the Huey Decimal system?