TV: What next?

My ideal writing routine goes like this: Work on new stuff in the morning (my best time), getting down at least 1000 words. In the afternoon, tackle emails, blog posts, journalism and editing.

It also includes a proper lunch break in which I drag myself away from the computer screen to the…TV. And watch an episode from my current favourite box set.

Yes, I know that going outside for a healthy walk and an actual screen break would be better for me. Whatevs, as my daughter will no doubt soon start to say.

Having finished Angel, Firefly, The Good Wife,  and ensemble comedy, Community, I find myself at a loss as to what to try next.

Well, this isn’t strictly true. I just received Campus in the post (thank you Matthew and Fay!) so I’ve got that next, but it’s quite short so I need to plan ahead…

I’ve heard good things about the following shows. Feel free to tell me which I should watch next. Or to give me your recommendations.

Leverage. Here’s the series description:

The rich and powerful, they take what they want. We steal it back for you. And sometimes, bad guys make the best good guys. We provide… leverage.

It’s a concept that appeals to me, but the cast includes the actress that played Jane in Coupling (Gina Bellman). Now, I loved Coupling (and that particular character) but I’m a bit worried I’m not going to be able to take her seriously in a different role.

Felicity. This stars Keri Russell and I adored her in Waitress. Don’t know anything else about it,  except that Keris (I think?) recommended it.

Friday Night Lights. I know this is highly acclaimed and all, but it’s about sport. Sport!

Battlestar Galactica. Now, my nerd-status is well-known, but I don’t really remember the original series (too young!) and don’t know anything about this updated version. Except that it’s supposed to be good.

Help me out?


10 responses to “TV: What next?”

  1. Alistair Hughes Avatar

    I’ve watched the first season of Leverage and it’s ok. Just ok. It’s quite lightweight and a bit like Hustle but it just lacks something.

    Felicity I’ve heard good things about and Friday Night Lights I have never looked at, due to the whole sport thing.

    Battlestar Galactica though is possibly the greatest piece of television I have ever seen. Watch it now before I beat you about the head with your brother!

    In addition, to confuse you further, here is a list of my current other faves:
    Castle – Lightweight, witty cop show starring Firefly’s Nathan Fillion
    Chuck – Funny nerd as spy show
    Dexter – Excellent show about a serial killer. Honestly.
    Fringe – Starts out as an odd X-Files and has become a really good alternate universe war story
    Dollhouse – 2 series of genius from Joss Wheedon
    Breaking Bad – Cancer-ridden high school chemistry teacher starts making drugs to provide for his family’s future – really good slightly black comedy drama
    Modern Family – possibly the best comedy around at the moment
    The Wire – possibly the greatest non-cylon featuring piece of television ever
    Supernatural – 2 hunky brothers drive around the southern states tracking down supernatural creatures and demons and send them back to hell. Brain off. Enjoy.

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Thanks, Alistair! I wanted to love Castle more (it’s Nathan, after all, and very funny) but I hated the female lead/lack of chemistry between her and Castle. I forgot to mention Dollhouse (tsk) – loved it – and my introduction to The Wire was one of the best bits of my masters! Thanks so much for the other recommendations – they’re on my list.

      1. Alistair Hughes Avatar

        How about Alias, the show JJ Abrams made after Felicity and quite possibly the inspiration for Dollhouse?

        Also, I have all of these tv shows on a big hard disk in my house. I could copy some onto a flash memory card for you, if you like.

  2. Jennie Avatar

    It’s got to be fracking Battlestar Galactica! Hasn’t Matthew given you a boxed set yet?

  3. Matthew Dashper-Hughes Avatar
    Matthew Dashper-Hughes

    I may be repeating what other people have already said here, but BSG (re-imagined version) is one of those rare shows that could genuinely be a contender for The Greatest TV Show. Ever.

    Frakking watch it.


    1. Alistair Hughes Avatar

      Honestly. This is one of those rare occasions where Matthew is right…

  4. Sarah Avatar

    Ha! Looks like BSG next, then! And thank you for your kind – and very tempting – offer, Alistair. Look out for an email…

  5. Keris Avatar

    Friday Night Lights is very much not about sport. Honest. Would I be so in love with it if it was? 😉

    1. Sarah Avatar

      Really? Truly? In that case I shall give it a go… It’s a hard life! x

      1. Keris Avatar

        Yes! The pilot’s really grim and depressing and we actually didn’t watch it for ages after that, but you need to stick with it. I think we got really addicted about halfway through S1 and now we both love it. There’s less football as it goes on too, but oddly enough once you fall in love with it you do start rooting for the team as well 🙂