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I love candles and use those bumper bags of tealights from IKEA around the house. However, for a treat (or as a gift) something a bit different it required. This hurricane lamp has antique lace embedded in a wax holder. When you pop a tea light inside, the pattern is illuminated with a warm glow.
At £32, it ain’t cheap, but the wax is protected from melting so you only need to replace the tea light in order to use it again and again. From Cox & Cox.

I visited Liberty on the weekend (one of my favourite shops in London) and, as usual, was treated to a surfeit of pretty. Now, I have neither the sartorial style nor bank balance to be a silk scarf kind of person, but I adore the classic Ianthe print. Here it is on a cobalt blue silk scarf. Sigh.

Liberty also has a delicious haberdashery, which reminded me how much I was missing messing about with my fabric stash (try saying that quickly). In addition to pretty florals and peacock prints, Liberty does a great line in paisley. This modern interpretation is just lovely. So bright, so cheerful, and only £19.95 a metre. Oh .

2 thoughts on “Pretty things

  • 17th May 2011 at 11:42 am

    Is this a girl thing? Am I a sexist pig for asking if it’s a girl thing? Or worse, am I a sexist pig for not understanding fabrics and pretty things?

    I am cursed to be one of those people who is quite happy to use fabrics but who has no idea how they work.

  • 17th May 2011 at 11:57 am

    Ha! Have you seen that brilliant bit in Coupling when Steve rants about cushions? Very funny. He’d been carrying around a fabric sample book all day and trying – so very hard – to have an opinion about any of the patterns and then, in the furniture shop, completely loses his shit. x


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