Yoda knows best

YodaI spent last weekend with two people who have an enviable ‘just do it’ attitude to… Well, to everything, really. Personally, I have hours like that – sometimes even a whole day – and then I slip back to my default mode. A mode which is described so beautifully in this video from Tales of Mere Existence.

However, every time I say “I’m going to try to write today” or “I’m trying to finish the book” I think of Yoda teaching Luke Skywalker: “Do or do not, there is no ‘try’.”

So, right now I’m going to ‘do’. Care to join me?


2 responses to “Yoda knows best”

  1. Alistair Avatar

    Know who you mean. Inspiring sometimes but mainly enviable. Still, inspired by your post, I have finished off two stories that had been waiting for tomorrow for too long.

  2. Sarah Avatar

    Hi Alistair – thanks for visiting! And, well done for finishing those stories… Yoda is always good for a kick in the butt. Now, that doesn’t sound quite right.