Cake or death *

Happy Friday, all!

I thought it was time for a writing update. This week has been mixed. I’m still managing to write every day (which is good), but the word counts are pretty low (which is frustrating). My writing time has been limited, too, as the children have been on holiday since Wednesday.

The book has got to the unwieldy stage and it takes a good chunk of my writing time to find my place in the story, and remember what I was thinking of doing with the various plot strands. I’m craving a couple of days of peace in which I could bury myself in the thing, only emerging for tea and crisps. However, my so-called ‘real’ life is steadfastly refusing to oblige, so I shall soldier on in dribs and drabs and snatched moments.

I need to make every minute at the keyboard count and with that thought, I shall stop writing this blog entry and bally well get back to it.

I leave you with this handy aid to productivity: Write or Die.

And there is no cake. Sorry.

* Not really and, also, totally nicked from Eddie Izzard.

[Picture credit – Cutest Food]


2 responses to “Cake or death *”

  1. Matthew Dashper-Hughes Avatar
    Matthew Dashper-Hughes


    Definitely cake.

    Fruit cake, for preference. But really, any kind of cake other than death. Even poo cake.

  2. Sarah Avatar

    I salute your clear-thinking!