Crafty 2011

Not in the sense that it has crept up on me with the wily cunning of a jungle cat (although, to be fair, it has), but in the sense that I wish to make 2011 my ‘craftiest’ yet. My lovely (and supremely patient) sister has taught me to knit and I now have an excuse to buy vast quantities of yarn – yay! Also, a parcel of beautiful vintage linen arrived yesterday, just begging to be made into patchwork cushions and notebook covers.  It was as if the universe was agreeing with my new resolution… Or, perhaps, it was because I’d ordered it days earlier using a Christmas gift voucher. I forget.

Anyway, I had to show you the loveliness. Firstly, it was beautifully wrapped:


And look inside:

Donna Flower vintage materialMmm… Pretty.

Donna Flower’s online shop is stuffed with gorgeous antique, vintage and vintage-inspired fabric and is offering a 15 per cent discount during January.


3 responses to “Crafty 2011”

  1. Helen Avatar

    I wish I was more crafty. Fabrics really excite me. I love to see them but haven’t a clue what to do with them!

  2. Sarah Avatar

    Thanks for visiting, Helen! Sadly, I rarely let not knowing what I’m going to do with them stop me from buying craft supplies of all kinds…