The Garden of Magic

TheGardenofMagicThe Garden of Magic is a prequel novella set in the world of The Language of Spells. It’s out now from Carina UK and is (currently!) just 99p!

Iris Harper has lived in Pendleford for decades, the local witch is mistrusted by the townsfolk, but that doesn’t stop some coming to her begging for potions, spells and quick-fixes.

As time has marched on suddenly Iris is aware that her days are beginning to fade. Her sumptuous garden is turning against her, the sweet scent of rot potent and now a young girl has come begging for a solution at her door.

Yet, the problem she brings causes Iris to remember a man from long ago – the man she loved, the man she could never trust…

Available to buy from Amazon, Kobo, iBooks and Nook.

Here’s a lovely review from AlexaP on

‘Whether you’ve read the other books in the series or not, I thoroughly recommend getting a copy of this one. For existing readers of the series, it’s an interesting look into the life of Iris, the Great-Aunt whose passing away led Gwen back to Pendleford, the little village in which her story, ‘The Language of Spells’, takes place. For newcomers, it’s a great place to start and sets up the events of the following books perfectly…

Sarah Painter is one of those authors who can create a world you can lose yourself in, with vivid descriptions and imagery that jump off the page/screen. I’ve already recommended her work to friends and family and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again with this story or those that follow it.’