The garden office project

My house has many advantages. I love our quiet wee village, my view of the hills and the fact that my kids have a bedroom each. I’m very lucky.

However, it is undeniable that the house – while charming – is not over-endowed with space. Consequently, I work on a desk-come-bedside-table in my bedroom and, when my husband works from home and uses the desk, I write in bed. Not ideal.

The garden is lovely (at least, it was when we moved in – it’s now rather neglected) but again, it won’t be winning any awards for square footage. Still, I’m determined to solve the space issue without moving and have decided it’s time to build myself an office in the garden.

When I say ‘build myself’ I mean, of course, buy an office from a company that does such things and pay them to install it for me. I’ve done a lot of research and at the moment am trying to choose between the compact Vista by Henley Offices. Behold. It has a cute curved roof and is insulated and double-glazed.

Or, the Malvern Garden Studio. Now, I need you to imagine this one with a lovely painted finish, as it looks a little bit shed-like in this picture:

The Malvern also has double-glazing and insulation (although the latter is thinner than the stuff offered in the Henley). It’s also about £3000 cheaper. Hmm.

Has anyone else put an office/art studio/games room in their garden? Any advice? Recommendations?